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Steam Deck Batocera Images Pack

Steam Deck Batocera Images Pack

Collection of 256GB ,512GB and 1TB images for Steamdeck


Steam Deck Batocera Images Pack is included in 60TB to ∞TB Hyperspin for free


Fully preconfigured builds of Batocera on a high quality MicroSD card, no setup require made for order

This build does not modify your Steam Deck or SteamOS, it runs in it’s own self contained OS

Everything has been handpicked and optimized to ensure your experience is great

This does NOT contain any sort of console or the steam deck console only a digital version.


How to use:
– Power down your Steam Deck and plug in either your MicroSD card or USB-C drive
– Press and hold the volume down button while also clicking the power button once to turn your Steam Deck on and enter the boot menu
– Select the option that corresponds to your MicroSD or USB-C drive
– Give it a few seconds to boot and enjoy!


But remember: Batocera is an operating system. The download is a full disk image, ready to be installed on any suitable device. For the other devices , this usually means overwriting the existing OS. Steam Deck owners are pretty lucky the device has that microSD card slot, allowing Batocera to be launched without touching SteamOS!


the images are named after the cards I use - it is best to use SANDISK or SAMSUNG cards - if you are unsure ask before buying I will send you links to the relevant cards.256GB images will definitely fit on 512GB and 400GB cards this means that with a 1TB card you can enjoy all the benefits of all the images available now and coming soon.......




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