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  • Do I need a single large HDD to fit all the content, or can I split it onto multiple drives?
    You have the flexibility to choose either option. For instance, you can utilize a 4TB disk for a 16TB build or a 12TB disk for a 60TB build. This cherry-picking approach allows for customization according to your storage preferences.
  • Does all the content have to be downloaded in one go, or are there multiple packs available?
    Our approach facilitates smooth downloads. Small files and media rocket launchers are intelligently packed to prevent download bottlenecks, while the rest of the content is unpacked, ensuring efficient retrieval.
  • When downloading, does the content come in file groups that can be spread over multiple drives?
    Absolutely. You can distribute file groups across multiple drives to accommodate varying storage capacities. For instance, the largest disk can hold media files, hyperspin, rocket launchers, and Windows-based systems, while other systems or ISO-based content can reside on separate disks.
  • As new games become available, are they readily downloadable in smaller files without requiring another large full download?
    Yes, updates and new additions are conveniently available in smaller or packed files, eliminating the need for extensive re-downloading.
  • Could you provide details on the installation process?
    Our installation process is user-friendly and graphical. You'll mainly navigate through simple prompts, clicking 'yes', 'yes', 'yes', selecting options like Windows 10, and initiating the installation.
  • Are the files simply placed into multiple drives, with the front end requiring only the location to find them, or is there another process involved?
    You'll need to adjust paths in RocketLauncher, which is straightforward and easy to do.
  • Why do you use fast 10GB and 20GB servers instead of slower options?
    Unlike other sellers who may overcrowd their servers, we prioritize speed and efficiency. By limiting the number of users per server to a maximum of 5, we ensure optimal bandwidth utilization. Additionally, our servers are regularly rotated for security and confidentiality reasons, eliminating any potential vulnerabilities associated with fixed IP addresses and minimizing data transfer between servers.
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