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The Callisto Protocol added - 60TB to ∞TB Hyperspin

  • 60TB to ∞TB Hyperspin will be expanded to 100TB , we started with 8TB - remember a year ago it was 40TB

  • 16TB Retrobat will be available this week - will be expanded to 64TB in the near future / if there is a demand for this product and if the developers make some improvements to the product / e.g. using multiple disks instead of symlinks/

  • The 16TB Launchbox will be available this week - it will be expanded rapidly to 24TB/32TB and then further expanded to the same level as the 60TB is ∞TB Hyperspin, i.e. up to 100TB.

are you interested in the launchbox version of

  • 16TB

  • 24TB

  • 32TB

  • 60TB is ∞TB

You can vote for more than one answer.

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